The Ultimate Walking Advertisement

Clear, Durable & Sturdy

Cap Styles: Clear or Black Twist Off & Clear Sport Caps. Other sizes are available upon request.
Let us help you market your company, school, team, special event or organization with a custom message on your own private label.  
Catering Companies
Hotels, Resorts & Spas Sports Organizations
Real Estate Agencies Country Clubs
High Schools
Convention Centers
Family Reunions
Golf Courses
Health & Fitness Centers Restaurants
Political Campaigns
Funeral Homes
Faith Based Organizations
Amusement Parks Construction Companies Colleges & Universities
Car Dealerships
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Radio Stations
New Product Promotion Meetings
Fund Raising
Donating custom bottled water from your company to another is a very effective way to obtain and keep customers! Food Banks and charities won’t soon forget your generous gift. 
Our BPA-free shatter-resistant bottles are made of durable 100% recyclable PET plastic. To ensure your brand stays in your customers’ hands longer to advertise your name wherever they go, our shatter-resistant bottles are customized with your choice of either a twist cap or sport cap. Let your customers be a walking billboard everywhere they go! Have you experienced the frustration of flimsy bottles that dent or break in your hand leaking water everywhere?

In addition to the various sizes of single-serve bottles, we also fill and label 1-Gallon bottles, 2.5-Gallon bottles and 3-Gallon bottles! Purified, distilled and alkaline water available! Use our house label or create your own custom label!

We offer co-packing opportunities!! Give us a call to find out more!

How can Private Label Water benefit you?

• Custom bottled water is cost effective. You would probably be surprised that using custom bottled water as a form of advertisement is a lot less expensive than print ads, TV commercials, radio air time and online ads. Custom bottled water can spread far beyond its single user…
• Free mobile advertising! How many other forms of advertising are reused and taken with a customer wherever they go? Most people refill their water bottles and take them to the gym and to the office for everyone around them to see. Your bottle will leave a lasting impression to everyone around it!
• Appeal to the health conscious. Water is healthy, plain and simple. Spread your message in the form of something that everyone needs… bottled water!
• One of the most unique and creative ways to get your name out there! Who doesn’t remember a company that uses a creative and interesting way to advertise? 

Custom Bottled water is effective, less expensive and fun!

Why promote someone else's brand when you can promote your own? Increase your brand recognition by using the power of a thirsty consumer. Give something tangible to your customers with YOUR company name, logo, or even coupons! Increase your profit margin on a product you already sell and reap the benefits of promoting YOUR own brand instead of someone else's branded bottled water.  

American Eagle Beverages

Phoenix, Arizona